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Can you find the seven-letter words B _ _ _ _ _ F to W _ _ _ _ _ F?

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Old English 8th cent. folk epicB
Largest city in WalesC
Question (spy) about a completed missionD
One of a pair of aural head warmersE
Blank page at the beginning/end of a bookF
Give football (US) to teammateH
Deciding round in a showjumping competitionJ
Boris: Frankenstein's monster actorK
Moment a rocket leaves the groundL
Powerful deep-chested guard dogM
Organism foreign to the bodyN
To forget ___ is to be happy (R.L. Stevenson)O
Head of the Roman Catholic ChurchP
Expression of blame or disapprovalR
Law-enforcement officerS
Moment an aircraft leaves the groundT
Remove the filling of a teddy bear :(U
With or by which (archaic)W

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