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In very deep sorrowA
Trust, faith, or confidence inB
Time limit which cannot be extendedC
Become extinct (two words)D
Swallow up or overwhelmE
Remote in time or distance (two words)F
Dismount from (two words)G
Of or concerning thisH
That same one: - used as the objectI
Leave by airplane (two words)J
Leader of a Muslim stateK
Suspend 'unused' employees (two words)L
Compact group of mountainsM
Fall asleep (two words)N
Never ... except when (two words)O
Settle a debt (two words)P
No Q answerQ
Release from anxiety or painR
Marijuana leaves rolled into a cigaretteS
Government tax on imports or exportsT
Global humanitarian agencyU
In ____ __: as a result (two words)V
______ Jean: Fugees band memberW
Former N. African gold coinX
Arabic equivalent of JosephY
No Z answerZ

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