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Artifical sports surfaceA
Where literary works are placedB
Calcareous underwater ecosystem (two words)C
Refusal to accept that something is trueD
French singer: La Vie en Rose (full name)E
Bare-knuckled fightF
Grasp physically (three words)G
Woman's covering knotted under the chinH
Blank page inserted in a bookI
Flagpole on the bow of a shipJ
Started football game or fight (two words)K
Expresses mirth to trivialize event (two words)L
Canadian emblem (two words)M
___-______ barriers to trade (NTBs)N
Employ too many workersO
The _________ Girls (cartoon)P
Not susceptible to corrosionR
Rio de Janeiro's famous peakS
Maria: first major US prima ballerinaT
Not previously known (hyphenated) U
The _____ ____ or Alto ClefV
Protected against gusts or galesW

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