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QUIZ: Can you name the ten-letter words A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E to Z _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E?

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Mark (') used to indicate an omissionA
Swimming strokeB
Decisive or irrefutableC
Material which will break downD
Violent shaking of the groundE
Soft spot on an infant's skull F
Method of execution during the French Revolution G
Half of the EarthH
Significance of somethingI
Put (something) at riskJ
Material which Superman is susceptible toK
Sporcle categoryL
African countryM
Failure to take proper care over somethingN
Unreasonably burdensome (or sultry weather)O
Liking of one thing more than another P
Four-sided plane figureQ
Churchill Downs or EpsomR
Wiltshire (U.K.) prehistoric monumentS
Sporting equipment you jump up and down onT
Draw a line beneath somethingU
Exposed to possible harmV
It comes before springW
Amide of xanthic acidX
Impure uranium oxideY
Italian dessert made with Marsala wineZ

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