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Praise expressed by clappingA
Serbian capitalB
Go on with a particular actionC
Alice in Wonderland rodentD
Stamped container for a letterE
Central body of an airplaneF
What Americans call petroleumG
Frightful, dreadful or shockingH
Set in motion, start an event offI
Condition with yellowing of the skin (or eyes)J
Memento; something of sentimental valueK
Sport created by the Iriquois nativesL
Family name of RomeoM
Bothersome annoying personN
Person who eats all kinds of foodsO
Do something repeatedly (to improve)P
Soft boggy area of landQ
Person connected by blood or marriageR
Deliberate act of destructionS
Keep carefully (valuable or valued item)T
Make more industrial or city-likeU
French Enlightenment writerV
Colloquial term for the tracheaW
Yellow, crystalline substance C₁₃H₁₀OX
Dec. 24 to Jan. 6Y
African country Z

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