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Old collectable itemA
Surround (a place) with armed forcesB
Woman's sleeveless undergarmentC
Very light rainD
Blow up a photographic imageE
Plastic disk for tossing between playersF
Not fake or counterfeitG
Characterized by enmity or ill willH
Fill with gas or airI
Maxilla or mandibleJ
Singing over pre-recorded backing tracksK
Salad plantL
Large heavy knifeM
Farthest planet from the SunN
Side of a coin bearing the head O
Distinctive and stylish eleganceP
Argue over petty thingsQ
Exile who flees for safetyR
Slightly odd or a bit weirdS
Payment as an acknowledgment of gratitudeT
Country in Eastern EuropeU
Community smaller than a townV
First British prime ministerW
No X AnswerX
Longest river of AsiaY
Male zebra and a female horse offspringZ

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