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Can you name the six-letter words A _ _ _ _ E to Z _ _ _ _ E?

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Basic unit of electric currentA
Snoopy's dog breedB
Split or sever (something)C
Ten year periodD
Suitable for use as foodE
Of or relating to catsF
European countryG
Marked by meekness or modestyH
Provoke or stir upI
Narcotics addictJ
Crazy, offbeatK
Find repugnantL
Desire to inflict harmM
Subtle difference in meaningN
Person who divines the futureO
Usually fatal, epidemic diseaseP
Pear-shaped fruitQ
Music that originated in JamaicaR
Deficient in quantity or numberS
Group of dancers, actors ...T
Courteous and refined in mannerU
Leave (a place)V
Breathe with difficultyW
A liquid hydrocarbonX
Native or inhabitant of New EnglandY
Corpse revived by witchcraftZ

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