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Can you name the words A _ _ _ E to Z _ _ _ E?

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Achieve harmony of opinionA
Capital city of IdahoB
Secret store of valuables or moneyC
Divine Comedy authorD
Inspiring inexplicable fear or uneasinessE
Crystal of snowF
Place for a burialG
Vast multitudeH
Devoid of intelligenceI
Unit of electrical energyJ
Jack (in cards)K
Wingless bloodsucking insectL
Join or combineM
Slight push or shoveN
Mediterranean fruitO
Dried plumP
Stand in lineQ
Wash lightly without soapR
Expensive dark brown furS
Fine, often starched net of silk or nylonT
Accepted or habitual practiceU
Not clearly understood or expressedV
Large marine mammalW
No X answerX
Mythical Australian creature (or chocolate bar)Y
Democratic Republic of Congo's former nameZ

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