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Old-fashioned or outdatedA
Caribbean pirate (died in 1718)B
Massachusetts town or Essex cityC
Theme park in Anaheim, CaliforniaD
At risk of dying outE
The Great Gatsby authorF
Offspring of your son or daughterG
Sharks in the family SphyrnidaeH
Confined to jailI
Placed close together for comparisonJ
South African gold coinK
Probability of a specified outcomeL
Person with an outstanding intellectM
Very short period of timeN
Exhausted with too much laborO
Having an unfair and unreasonable opinionP
State in northeastern AustraliaQ
Recalled to mindR
Russian city renamed VolgogradS
Plant that is driven about by the windT
Method of imaging babiesU
Destroyed wantonlyV
Where the Mad Hatter livedW
Animal such as the golden oriole or canaryY

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