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Rocky body orbiting the sunA
Storm with widespread snowfallB
Mixture of two or more elementsC
Payment received by shareholdersD
Towards compass point at 90 degreesE
Most common tennis strokeF
Comic strip created by Jim DavisG
Claire Danes, Damian Lewis TV showH
Part of electromagnetic radiation spectrumI
Field where scrap is collected J
Panel that operates a computerK
Small dotted beetle or First Lady's nicknameL
U.S. StateM
Someone recently marriedN
Tract of land rich in petroleumO
Secret phrase used to gain admissionP
Argued over petty thingsQ
Title of respect to a clergymanR
Notched like a sawS
Asian countryT
Not given enough foodU
Wanderer without a permanent home V
Orchestra sectionW
Pertaining to family XiphiidaeX
Person serving a prison sentenceY
The ________ Follies revuesZ

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