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Can you name the six-letter words A _ _ _ _ D to Z _ _ _ _ D?

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Oval-shaped nutA
Use a guillotine (on someone)B
Fearful personC
Make safe from dangerD
Scissorhands or SnowdenE
Highly regarded acquaintanceF
What you walk onG
Genetically dissimilar offspringH
Have in mind; planI
With rough, sharp pointsJ
What you may well be typing onK
______ BrezhnevL
Capital city of SpainM
Bibical 'great' hunterN
English university cityO
Aniseed-flavoured aperitifP
Waited in lineQ
Cause (someone) to rememberR
Arabian Nights sailorS
Slow or unenergeticT
Manchester or D.C. teamU
Looked at or inspectedV
Harry Potter for instanceW
Resembling woodX
Tiredly opened one's mouthY
Cooked in the microwaveZ

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