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Small plant-sucking insectA
Hairy growth a man's faceB
Young personC
Ancient Celtic priest or soothsayerD
Make improvements or corrections toE
Austrian psychoanalysist (1856-1939)F
Deadly sinG
Bibical king of JudeaH
Greek epic poem (attributed to Homer)I
Muslim holy warJ
Work doughK
Scottish landownerL
Small natural hillM
Completely unclothedN
Rounded like an eggO
Appeal or request earnestlyP
U.S actors Dennis or RandyQ
Fixed and unmovingR
Distance travelled per unit of timeS
Lacking courage or confidenceT
Turn (something) upside downU
Having striking colorV
Strikingly odd or unusualW
No X answerX
Surrender or relinquish toY
Separated or apportioned into sectionsZ

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