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Medicine (such as penicillin)A
Relating to atmospheric pressureB
Having a common center (as circles)C
Marked by tact with othersD
Serving as a symbol of a particular qualityE
Being very modern in technology or designF
Based on the physical features of an areaG
Devoted to pleasureH
Characterized by the need for perfectionI
Fanatically patrioticJ
First modern capital city of SerbiaK
Of or related to languageL
Middle part of the Stone AgeM
Regarding coins and medalsN
Expecting the bestO
Paralyzed from the waist downP
Having a secret or hidden meaningQ
Scared of automatons and androidsR
Greater than the speed of soundS
Consisting of three colorsT
Not sensual or lovey-doveyU
Relating to the measurement of 3D spaceV
One who compulsively labors hard W
Showing a dislike of foreigners or strangersX
Regarding the nourishment of animalsZ

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