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Second largest oceanA
Without civilizing influencesB
Large luxury US car brandC
Relating to the running of a homeD
Form of energy (as in lighting)E
Evidence type (as from a crime scene)F
Exceedingly largeG
American whose first language is SpanishH
With same salt concentration as cells and bloodI
Second period of the Mesozoic eraJ
Tibeto-Burman languageK
Science of supplying military forcesL
Device (such as acronym) used to aid recallM
Drug (such as opium or morphine)N
Relating or pertaining to birdsO
Alphabet beginning Alfa, Bravo, Charlie ...P
Not sensible about practicalQ
Form of government without a monarchR
Precise or particularS
Condiment used in curry powderT
Cowardly; not braveU
Igneous rock produced by eruptionV
No W wordW
No X wordX
Relating to element atomic number 70Y
Relating to animals or animal lifeZ

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