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Having a pH of less than 7A
A sea in northern EuropeB
High quality French brandyC
Relating to the skinD
Strikingly strange or unusualE
Cloth produced by weaving or knittingF
Aromatic bulb used as seasoningG
Full of activity, or very busyH
Sloping kind of typefaceI
Relating to JudaismJ
Large black brimless hatK
Relating to or obtained from milkL
Picture produced by tiles, stones or glassM
Relating to Germany and ScandinaviaN
Pertaining to Eurydice's husbandO
3.262 light yearsP
Largest province of CanadaQ
Characteristic of rural lifeR
Lacking in movementS
Material used for surfacing roadsT
Relating to, or occurring in urineU
Having the nature or quality of glassV
No W answerW
No X answerX
Relating to atomic number 39 elementY
Imaginary band in the heavensZ

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