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Continent at the south poleA
Perennial herbaceous plant (deadly nightshade)B
1950 Disney movieC
Fatal contagious bacterial infectionD
Ending a life in order to relieve pain ...E
Italian blue cheeseG
Large island in the West IndiesH
Time between two reigns, governmentsI
Australian kingfisherK
Respiratory disease bacteria ( L. pneumophila)L
West African countryM
Fear of everythingO
Popular houseplant at ChristmasP
Heated tortilla filled with cheeseQ
Commonly known as a runny noseR
Roman predecessor of ChristmasS
Hard, usually unglazed earthenwareT
Plural of UnunpentiumU
Collectors' items: 1837 - 1901V
Fear of foreigners or strangersX
Former country of southeastern EuropeY
Fear of jealousyZ

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