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Second largest country in South AmericaA
Voracious marine fishB
Small dog breed originating in MexicoC
Othello's wifeD
Tortilla served with chilli sauce and a fillingE
Symphonic poem composed by Jean SibeliusF
Central American countryG
Small rectangular wind instrumentH
It's commonly called 'the flu'I
Cajun dish of rice, shrimps ...J
Khmer Rouge (KR)-controlled stateK
U.S. stateL
Thousands of yearsM
Sentimental longing for a period in the past.N
Classical group of instrumentalistsO
Uncontrollable desire to set fire to thingsP
Dried bark of cinchona rootQ
National votes on a single issueR
Lewis and Clark guide and interpreterS
Large hairy tropical spiderT
Rash of round, itchy red weals on the skinU
South American countryV
Online encyclopediaW
Inordinate attachment to foreign thingsX
Yankees legend (full name)Y
Morbid fear of animalsZ

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