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Food and drink of the Greek godsA
Landlocked African countryB
Large South American rodentC
Watery bowel movementsD
Feeling of great elationE
Walt Disney classicF
Eye disease that damages the optic nerveG
Syllabic writing used in JapaneseH
Badge worn to show official positionI
Greenhouse shrub with glossy green leavesJ
Volcanic island between Java and SumatraK
Cancer of the body's blood-forming tissuesL
Asian countryM
Midwestern US stateN
Musical type associated with Gilbert and SullivanO
Unbroken view of the whole regionP
Chariot drawn by four horses abreastQ
Former name for ZimbabweR
Spanish title for an unmarried girlS
Thin unleavened pancakeT
Device used as protection against rainU
Long and violent family argumentV
Climbing shrub of the pea familyW
Yellow patch or nodule on the skin (skin condition)X
Grand champion sumo wrestlerY
Synthetic substitute for diamonds in jewelleryZ

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