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List of matters to be addressed (at a meeting)A
Siddhārtha GautamaB
Transparent layer of the eyeC
Capital city of TanzaniaD
Inflammatory conditions of the skinE
Odin's wifeF
Italian brandy made from grape residueG
Greek goddess of the hearthH
American arboreal lizardI
Old Testament bookJ
Sword carried by a samuraiK
11th letter of the Greek alphabetL
Feeling of sicknessN
Princess Leia ______O
The fourth state of matterP
Extinct South African zebra-like mammalQ
African palm tree with large leavesR
Liquid secreted into the mouthS
Vast Arctic treeless plainT
Ideally perfect placeU
Virility drugV
Polish labor leader and statesmanW
Excessive dryness of the cornea and conjunctivaX
Japanese make of motorbikeY
African countryZ

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