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Can you name the Star Wars characters by their last words?

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Last WordCharacter (One Word)Initial
Tell your sister... you were right...A
Hurry up, LukeB
Sorry, m'lady... I'm... not sure I...I've failed you, SenatorC
You have hate. You have anger. But you don't use themD
Intensify forward fire powerF
I've been looking forward to this for a long timeG
Put him in (then untranslated Huttese)J
Come onK
He's too dangerous to be kept aliveM
The war is over! Lord Sidious promised us peace! We only want ...N
I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagineO
There is good in him. I know there is...still... P
He... is the chosen one... he will bring balance. Train himQ
This is a consular ship. We're on a diplomatic missionR
Ani... so proud... I missed you so much... I love...S
The guns... they've stoppedT
Just for once, let me look on you with my own eyesV
Please, I'll give you anything. Anything you wantW
Luke, there... is... another... SkywalkerY
It was a bounty hunter called- wee shanit...sleemoZ

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