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Can you name the TV Show by Female Character?

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Dana Scully
Chloe O'Brian
Lois Griffin
Carrie Bradshaw
Pam Beesly
Bree Van de Kamp
Betty Rubble
Meredith Grey
Lieutenant Uhura
Elaine Benes
Peggy Olson
Claire Bennet
Joanie Cunningham
Cordelia Chase
Hot Lips Houlihan
Kate Austen
C. J. Cregg
Dr. Elliot Reid
Marge Simpson
Ziva David
Mary Ellen Walton
(Turanga) Leela
Sookie Stackhouse
Beatriz U. Suarez
Carrie Heffernan
Lana Lang
Rita Bennett
Lindsay F√ľnke
Nurse Carol Hathaway
Claire Fisher
Dr. Jennifer Melfi
Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Liz Lemon
Lily Aldrin

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