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Track and field eventsA
Racquet sport that uses a shuttlecockB
Montreal ice hockey team C
Sport involving ten disciplinesD
NASCAR legend DaleE
Fastest swimming strokeF
Soccer manager known as 'Pep'G
Ferenc Puskás' nationalityH
1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics cityI
Protective undergarment (two words)J
Boxing brothers: Vitali and WladimirK
Merseyside Premier League clubL
Prestigious Australian racetrack cityM
U.S. stadium or French cathedral (two words)N
Chad Johnson's former surnameO
Combat game using colored ammoP
Sport invented for Harry Potter booksQ
Feyenoord, Sparta and Excelsior's home cityR
NFL annual championship game (two words)S
_________ TitansT
The World's fastest man (full name)U
Canucks or Whitecaps home cityV
London tennis venueW
Rio ____ Olympiad: Tokyo _____ OlympiadX
Ben Ainslie and Dennis ConnerY
Gary: Vikings and Bronco offensive lineman Z

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