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Classic Greek philosopher and scientistA
Element named after Californian cityB
Jellylike material inside cell membraneC
René: French mathematician and scientist.D
What Darwin's theory was concerned withE
Number of waves produced each secondF
He introduced printing to EuropeG
Diatomic anion with formula OH−H
Incapable of being dissolved in a liquidI
Tentacled gelatinous marine animalJ
Units of massK
Blood cell that lacks hemoglobinL
Phenomenon of attracting certain metalsM
Substances that provide growth or metabolismN
Reaction in which material gives up electronsO
Silvery-white reactive metalP
Equation type: x₂ + bx + c = 0Q
An allele can be dominant or ...R
Information obtained from numerical dataS
Neither very hot nor very cold (weather)T
Litmus and ___ indicatorsU
Measure of a fluid's resistance to flowV
Isopod crustacean (pill bug)W
Plant adapted for life with little waterX
Chemical element number 70Y
Chemical element with symbol ZrZ

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