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Can you name the nine-letter religious words?

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Greek equivalent of VenusA
Speaking sacrilegiously about GodB
Having the shape of a crossC
Tibetan spiritual leader (two words)D
Ceremony commemorating the Last SupperE
Holy Spirit gift (courage in pain or adversity)F
Demeter, Minerva and IsisG
All Saints' eveH
Baptism by submerging in waterI
Church of the Holy Sepulchre cityJ
____ _____ Bible (KJB)K
Third book of the Old TestamentL
John Wesley followerM
Apostle of Christ (Gospel of John)N
Oblations or sacrifices (to a deity)O
Scriptural father e.g. Abraham or IsaacP
Syrian governor associated with Jesus' censusQ
Acting in accord with divine or moral lawR
Jewish house of worshipS
Government by priestsT
One who maintains that God is one beingU
Patron Saint of lovers (and bee keepers)V
English cathedral cityW
_________: Literally 'wood worshiper'X
Day of Atonement: ___ ______Y
Iranian religion founder c600 b.cZ

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