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Word that describes a nounA
Fluent in two languagesB
Opposite of vowelC
Sound formed by two vowelsD
Study of the origin of wordsE
They end sentences in the UK (two words)F
Verbal adjective in LatinG
Exaggeration for the purpose of emphasisH
Emphasise key points in printed textI
British JewelryJ
Modern-day typewritersK
Mandarin, Latin and PortugueseL
Written messages in business or diplomacyM
The Washington Post for exampleN
Antonym of PessimistsO
Distinct section in a piece of writingP
Words taken from a text and repeatedQ
Machine for breaking up soil: palindromeR
Punctuation mark (;)S
Dictionary of synonymsT
Language spoken in KyivU
Spanish for 21V
Person skilled with vocabulary/writingW
Lo-Phenoxy anagram (think music)X
Talking noisily or excitedlyY
Courgettes in the U.S.A.Z

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