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Can you name the nine-letter holiday answers? (* denotes a multiple-word answer)

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_________ Day (40 days after Easter)A
Wesak is celebrated by these adherents B
_________ Roasting on an Open FireC
Flowers associated with St. Davids DayD
Major Muslim religious holidayE*
Explosive devices used at celebrationsF
Rodent celebrated on February 2G
All Saints' EveH
17 August: independence day in this countryI
Personification of freezing cold weatherJ*
Christmas story villain: ____ _____K
It follows 'And since we've no place to go'L*
Kissing takes place under this seasonal plantM
Where the Elves make presentsN*
They're placed on the Christmas treeO
Bird found in a Pear TreeP
King's Day former nameQ*
European robin nickname: Robin _________R
Alternative name for Father ChristmasS*
____ ____ _ Pirate DayT
Opened a present or packageU
Saint commemorated on February 14V
It's a _________ Life (movie)W
You write them at ChristmasX*
Holiest day of the year in JudaismY*
Wine drank on California Admission Day maybeZ

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