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Large fall of snow, down a mountainsideA
Romanian capital cityB
Europe, Asia or Africa ...C
Two word state capitalD
Longest river in Western AsiaE
Largest city* in Hesse, GermanyF
_________ Mean Time (GMT)G
Intense tropical weather systemH
Asian countryI
Ancient city west of the Dead SeaJ
Capital city of NepalK
Angular distance east or westL
Movement of people (to different countries)M
State capital of TennesseeN
Germany city* (or composer)O
Rock that allows water to pass through itP
State in north-central MexicoQ
Lake used as a source of water supplyR
World's only island city-stateS
Climate characterized by mild temperatureT
Capital of Mongolia (two words)U
Country in South AmericaV
Salto Ángel is the world's highestW
Chinese city formerly named NingyuanX
U.S. city commonly shortened to YpsiY
Highest mountain in GermanyZ

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