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Greek Civilization I leaderA
Spinning tops inspired by manga series B
Gum Drop Mountain location (two words)C
Strategic board game created in 1954D
Boardgame: Tigris and _________E
Poker Hand (two words)F
Blue category in trivial pursuitG
1989 D&D-style adventure board gameH
Video game publisher: Fallout, Baldur's Gate ...I
_____ ____ 007: Agent Under FireJ
Iggy, Ludwig, Morton, Roy or Wendy ...K
Tomb Raider heroine (two words)L
Block placing video gameM
Generation I PokémonN
Medical game with a pair of tweezersO
Trouble die containerP
Sporcle asks a lot of theseQ
Iceland's largest Urban Area in game of RiskR
Battleship vesselS
X and O paper-and-pencil gameT
Water Works and Electric CompanyU
Canadian 'Ticket to Ride' cityV
The Game of Fantasy (miniatures) BattlesW
2004 U.S. home video game consoleX
Super Smash Bros character (two words)Y
Animal habitat building gameZ

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