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ClueMissing WordA-Z
First recorded use of '_______' (Ostarrîchi Document)A
Heribertus becomes ______ of CologneB
St. Cuthbert's remains moved from _______-le-StreetC
City of Lund, _______ (now Sweden)D
Battle of Maldon, Essex, _______E
Haakon Sigurdsson (de _____ ruler) of NorwayF
First documented reference to ______, PolandG
____ Capet, King of FranceH
Christianity introduced to the Faroe_______I
Russia adopts ______ calendarJ
_______ II of ScotlandK
The ___ Dynasty, East AsiaL
Construction of the Al-Hakim ______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Richard I of ________, FranceN
German emperor ____ IIIO
Vojtech 'Adalbert' of ______ (Czech saint)P
Matilda of France, _____ of BurgundyQ
______ II of FranceR
_____ Forkbeard marries Sigrid the HaughtyS
Fatimid Caliphate storms city of ____ (Lebanon)T
Kiev Rus (modern _______, Russia and Belarus)U
______ settlers establish a mint in DublinV
_______ IV, Duke of AquitaineW
Pope John __X
Ælfgifu of ____Y
North African _____ dynastyZ

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