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Can you name the 970s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Edward the Martyr, King of _____-SaxonsA
_____ Boru: King of MunsterB
Zhang Sixun's astronomical _____C
The Song _______, ChinaD
____ the Victorious: first king of SwedenE
Decade-long famine begins in ______F
Peter, Byzantine eunuch _______G
______ Greyhide, King of NorwayH
Battle between Estonian and _________ VikingsI
____ I Tzimisces co-emperor of ByzantiumJ
_______ II of ScotlandK
_____ V de Luie, crowned King of FranceL
The Al-Azhar ______ in Cairo, EgyptM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Leif Ericson, _____ explorer bornN
Æthelwold, rebuilds the ___-Minster, WinchesterO
____ Benedict VII P
Jelena of Zadar, _____ of CroatiaQ
Basil II: Eastern _____ EmperorR
_____ Swithun's body moved into an indoor shrineS
Willa, Margravine of _______, ItalyT
Balderik bishop of _______U
Jawhar as-Siqilli dismissed as ______ of EgyptV
___ elephant corps of the Southern HanW
John ____X
Floating pontoon bridge across ______ RiverY
____ ibn ManadZ

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