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Can you name the 950s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Pope ______ IIA
Eric _____axeB
Fourth _______ of Constantinople opensC
Gilbert of Chalon, ____ of BurgundyD
Bardas Phokas the _____E
Paris, ______ is foundedF
Otto I the _____ defeats the MagyarsG
_____ I, Duke of BavariaH
Boudouin with the ____ ArmI
Emperor Suzaku of _____J
____ Ordoño I of AsturiaK
__________ of Alexandria damaged by EarthquakeL
________ bin MusafirM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
King Eric I of ______N
Tu'i Tonga Empire forms in the Pacific ___O
Sviatoslav I, ______ of Kiev P
_____ ÆlfgifuQ
Conrad the ___R
Máel Coluim I of ________S
The Nogata-shi Shinto ______T
_______ given fishing rightsU
Biblioteca Apostolica ________, RomeV
Hywel Dda ('the Good') of _____W
Pope John ___X
Emperor ___ of the Later HanY
___ teacher Lin-chi I-hsuanZ

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