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Tommy Pickles 3-year-old cousinA
________, Jones, Hobbes and YorkB
Character portrayed by Matthew PerryC
'This tape will self-________ in 5 seconds'D
Separated parts of a serialized TV seriesE
Matt Groening cartoon sitcomF
________'s Island (1964–1967)G
Major Margaret 'Hot Lips' ________H
Raymond Burr's paralyzed detectiveI
‎Alex Trebek quiz showJ
____ ____ Eight reality seriesK
Main character on 30 RockL
Adam Richman's food reality seriesM
Mork's Orkan greetingN
Saul Goodman actorO
Sheldon J. (Chum Bucket owner)P
Griffin family neighbor and friendQ
'Danger, Will ________'R
Doctor John Watson's partner in crimeS
The ________ ZoneT
Shoeshine Boy's heroic alter egoU
Count von Count, Lilith and SpikeV
Josiah Bartlet show: The ____ ____W
Children's TV series named after a magic swordX
Jellystone Park inhabitantY
Kearney ________ Jr. (The Simpsons)Z

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