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Gazelle, impala, gnu or elandA
Microscopic organisms also called germsB
______-__ dating (age determination process)C
Fossil reptile of the Mesozoic eraD
Negatively charged subatomic particleE
Facts or rules expressed in letters or symbolsF
Largest moon of the planet JupiterG
Astronomer: William ________ (1738-1822)H
Sharp teeth at the front of the mouthI
Chili pepper (Capsicum annuum)J
Measure of electrical powerK
Fibrous tissue connecting bonesL
Smallest particle of a chemical compoundM
Number such as −5N
Animal that consumes meat and plantsO
Directionality of a magnetic fieldP
Result of the division of two numbersQ
Ungulate mammal (that chews the cud)R
Material deposited by water e.g. siltS
Element also known as wolframT
Former name for Copernicium (Uub)U
________ and ConstantV
Cone-shaped bag used by weather forecasterW
Rock fragment (Greek: foreign rock)X
1000 zettabits or 10^24 bitsY
Small cucumber-shaped vegetableZ

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