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Sign of the zodiacA
Tooth with two cusps (human premolar)B
Ivy league universityC
Terrible-lizard (Greek)D
German-born theoretical physicistE
Highest peak in JapanF
1980's Soviet policy of open discussionG
Harry Potter's educational establishmentH
U.S. stateI
Large wine or champagne bottleJ
Children's game with marbles and colored rodsK
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtleL
Chemical element with symbol NoN
First Roman emperorO
Once You Pop, You Can't Stop companyP
To be, or not to be?Q
Former African country. Capital: HarareR
Ross, Ballard, and Wilson Motown trioS
The Lady of Shalott poetT
Identification used for computer accessU
French Enlightenment writer and philosopher V
Orchestra sectionW
Athenian student of SocratesX
Second largest city in Japan by populationY
Early 20th century dirigible airshipZ

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