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Story with a hidden meaningA
Malcolm or RayB
Philip Marlowe creatorC
Literary conversationD
Scrooge's given first nameE
US author: 1949 Nobel Prize winnerF
___ Rainbow - Thomas Pynchon G
Book bound in stiff coversH
___ J. Reilly (A Confederacy of Dunces)I
Charlotte Brontë two-word novelJ
Harry Potter House-elfK
First land visited by GulliverL
On the Road protagonistM
Character who relays the storyN
Author: The English PatientO
Protagonist in The TempestP
Stanza with four linesQ
The Social Contract (1762) authorR
Animal Farm pig depicting Leon TrotskyS
Stephenie Meyer bestsellerT
_____ ___'s Cabin by Harriet Beecher StoweU
Short graceful literary essay or sketchV
Complex, plot-driven detective storyW
Greek essayist and student of SocratesX
Annual publication (in a particular field)Y
Western genre author (two-word)Z

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