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July 4: ________ independence dayA
Anniversary celebrating day you were bornB
Rio de Janeiro parade held before LentC
Gemstones associated with 60th anniversaryD
Festival honoring coming of the three kingsE
Holiday celebration shown on SeinfeldF
____ ____ Wenceslas last looked out ...G*
Scottish New Year's Eve celebrationH
Three words often written in a Valentine cardI*
________ coming of age day: Seijin No HiJ
Those who spoils fun e.g. Scrooge, Grinch ...K
It has has 366 days including 29 FebruaryL*
Day formerly known as Decoration DayM
Tableau representing the birth of JesusN
Eastern ________ Liturgical CalendarO
Jewish festival commemorating the ExodusP
Alternative name for Ching Ming festivalQ
Prancer, Vixen and CometR
7 Swans a ...S
Yi Peng Lantern Festival countryT
Presents with their wrapping still onU
Period of exemption from work (US)V
Marriage ceremoniesW
It can be artificial or evergreenX*
Archaic term for ChristmasY
Relating to the twelve astrological signsZ

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