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Franz Ferdinand of Austria titleA
German sister ship of the Tirpitz B
Medieval campaigns to the Holy LandsC
First state of the modern United StatesD
German-born US theoretical physicistE
Benjamin or D. RooseveltF
Chiricahua Apache leaderG
Harold was defeated here in 1066H
Queen of Castille married to Ferdinand III
Geologic period before the CretaceousJ
The ________ Gold Rush (1890)K
Italian Renaissance Man 1452-1519L
Athenian and Persian 490 BC battleM
Location of D-Day landingsN
First Emperor of RomeO
Element discovered by Marie and Pierre CurieP
Norwegian head of government 1940-5Q
Faith healer and friend of Tsarina AleksandraR
Birthplace of MozartS
The UK's first female Prime MinisterT
East German head of state 1960-73U
Empress of IndiaV
Napoleon was defeated here in 1815W
Greek historian and student of SocratesX
1781 American Revolution battleY
Ancient Mesopotamian templeZ

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