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Vertical distance above sea-levelA
Severe snowstorm with high windsB
First period in the Palaeozoic eraC
Horn of Africa countryD
African countryE
Sierra Leone's capital cityF
Botswana's capital cityG
State capital of HawaiiH
Supply water to land (or crops) I
Madhya Pradesh city, IndiaJ
Formerly known as the Gilbert islandsK
Angular distance from the equatorL
Circle of constant longitudeM
Capital city of ChadN
Sudan's second largest cityO
Administrative capital of South AfricaP
Largest city, Fujian Province, ChinaQ
Former name Of ZimbabweR
The only sea which has no coastlineS
________ rainforestT
Build up rural area into a town or cityU
Stratovolcano in the Gulf of NaplesV
Largest city in the Republic of NamibiaW
Autonomous territory in northwest ChinaX
Japan's second largest cityY
Tanzanian islandZ

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