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Can you name the eight-letter gaming words?

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________ Carrier ( Battleships)A
1976 Atari (line of) bricks destroying gameB
Board game also known as draughtsC
Game blocks marked with 0–6 pipsD
Renaissance-era Spain board game (2-words)E
________ Man (D&D) or Pokemon typeF
________ Threepwood (Monkey Island)G
Sonic the ...H
Computer/________: Game of Life careerI
Nationality of Shigeru MiyamotoJ
Game involving marbles in a tubeK
Sporcle categoryL
Asian Risk territoryM
Maker of the WiiN
________ City (Ticket to Ride: US)O
Mario's Daisy or PeachP
What you will be asked in Trivial PursuitQ
Clue(do) weaponR
They go with Rock and PaperS
Hare and ________ board gameT
________ Warriorz (or Werewolf) gameU
Monopoly square: Just ________V
Operation piece : ________ AnkleW
Online service with 40 million users (2-words)X
________ Sam's Treasure Hunt GameY
Zulu capital city in CivilazationZ

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