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Can you name the 860s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
The ____–Byzantine warsA
Ivar the ____lessB
Fourth _______ of ConstantinopleC
The Tang _______D
St. Swithun, _______ bishopE
Charles the Bald of West _______F
Saint Nicholas I (the _____)G
First (arch)bishop of _______, GermanyH
Boudouin with the ____ Arm wedsI
Fujiwara no Yoshifusa regent of _____J
Charles the Bare crowned ____ of LotharingenK
Ragnar _______, of Denmark and SwedenL
Alfred the Great and Ealhswith _____M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Ansgar, 'The Apostle of the _____'N
Boris I converts to ________ ChristianityO
____ Nicholas I forbids torture against 'witches'P
_____ Theodora the SaintQ
Louis II marches against ____R
Repairs made in Hagia ______S
Sendai earthquake and _______T
____ al-Aqta, emir of MeliteneU
Swedish _______ attack ConstantinopleV
Ethelbert succeeds as king of ______W
Chancellor Pei ___ of ChinaX
__ XuanjiY
___ teacher Lin-chi I-hsuanZ

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