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Can you name the 850s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
The Slavic ________ is created/writtenA
Pope Nicolas I succeeds ________ IIIB
Erispoe defeats ______ the BaldC
Tang _______, ChinaD
Damghan __________ kills 200,000E
Louis the German invades West _______F
_____ Canal of China is floodedG
Horik II succeeds _____ IH
The Andaman _______I
Emperor Montoku of _____J
Nominoe, ____ of BrittanyK
Saint Aldric, Bishop of __ MansL
Hrabanus Maurus, archbishop of _____ (Germany)M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Russian city of ________ is first mentionedN
______ I of AsturiasO
Bagrat II Bagratuni, '______ of Princes'P
Battle of Saint-_______, AisneQ
Cyngen of Powys makes pilgrimage to ____R
Donald I of ________S
Guangzhou's 'ceramics, rice-wine, and ___T
__________ of Al Karaouine is foundedU
_______ attack on the Welsh V
Ethelbald usurps throne of ______, EnglandW
Emperor ________ of TangX
Miscellaneous Offerings from __-yangY
Huangbo Xiyun, Chinese ___ Buddhist monkZ

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