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Can you name the 840s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
_____-Saxon king ÆthelweardA
The ______ of MauropotamosB
_______ II and Louis the GermanC
Norse town of Dyflinn (______) is foundedD
Chang'an's West Market and ____MarketE
Siege of Paris, ______F
Rhodri Mawr (The _____) G
First ____ King of IrelandH
End of ____ destruction in Orthodox churchesI
Emperor Junna of _____J
North South States Period in _____K
__ Ao, philosopher and prose writerL
The _____ recapture LeónM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Italian fleets of ______, Amalfi and GaetaN
The _____ of Strasbourg are swornO
____ Leo IVP
_____ Osburh of WessexQ
Saracens desecrate Christian shrines in ____R
Kenneth I of ________S
____ dynasty, ChinaT
End of the ______ khaganateU
_______ destroy NantesV
Judith, second ____ of Louis de VromW
Drest _, King of the PictsX
Bai Ju __Y
___ Buddhist monk ZongmiZ

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