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Can you name the 820s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Rabanus Maurus becomes _____ of FuldaA
The ____ of Mother is publishedB
_______ the BaldC
Harald Klak of _______ accepts ChristianityD
Ali Ben Isa measures the size of the _____E
Lotharius I, co-emperor of _____F
Michael II's navy destroted by '_____ fire'G
Historia Brittonum:The _______ of the BritonsH
______ II of the Idrisid dynastyI
Emperor Junna of _____J
Egbert becomes the first ____ of EnglandK
Byzantine Emperor ___ V murderedL
Muslim _____________ devises algebraM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
The ____ freezes overN
Teaching begins at ______, EnglandO
Valentine is the 100th ____P
The Banu ____Q
Senior and junior Holy _____ Emperor R
Meinrad moves to Einsiedeln, ___________S
Byzantine rebel ______ the SlavT
Abd ar-Rahman II of the _______ CaliphateU
Saint Mark's relics are brought to ______V
Rhodri Mawr ruler of Gwynedd (_____)W
Tang ____ Zong, emperor of ChinaX
Han __, philosopher, essayistY
_______-ji (Tokyo temple) is foundedZ

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