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Can you name the 810s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Abul-Abbas, the _____ elephantA
_______ School of Astronomy (Iraq)B
Pepin, son of ___________C
Judith, the ________ of Welf, marriesD
Nominoe becomes ____ of VannesE
Lothar I: co-emperor of of East _______F
Charles the _____G
Li __ (Li Ho) Chinese poetH
King Bernhard I of _____I
Temple of the ______ Priest (Guatemala)J
The Book of _____ is completedK
Vulgar _____ or German (prayers)L
Michael I Rangabe becomes a ____M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Eanred King of ___________ (England)N
Bishop Theodulf of _______ (France)O
Ashot I becomes ______ of IberiaP
_____ Ermengarde of HesbayeQ
Louis: Holy _____ EmperorR
Pope _______ IVS
China demands return of territory in _____T
_____ Saxony meteorU
Agnello Participazio, Doge of ______V
Egbert of Wessex raids the ____ Welsh W
Emperor ________ of ChinaX
Charles the _______Y
Chinese ___ Buddhist BaizhangZ

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