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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Wulfred elected __________ of CanterburyA
Krum becomes Khan of ________ (Europe)B
Tea seeds brought back from _____C
__ Huangshang, Tang Dynasty officialD
_______ Irene of ByzantiumE
The Siege of Patras completely _____F
Charles the _____ (Charlemagne)G
First settlers of the ________ Islands arriveH
Saracens sack Nola (modern day _____)I
Beginning of the ________ languageJ
Book of _____ written and illuminatedK
Anuradhapura: capital city of Sri _____L
Liudger first bishop of _______ (Germany)M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Eardwulf driven out of _____-East EnglandN
Stiftskeller St. Peter: Europe's ______ restaurantO
____ Leo IIIP
Jame' Atiq Mosque of ______ (Iran)Q
Charlemagne crowned: St Peter's Basilica, ____R
First record of ___ spots in EuropeS
The Haeinsa ______ is built in KoreaT
An ________ against the Umayyad emirateU
The _______ sack IonaV
Egbert becomes king of ______ (England)W
Emperor ____ ZongX
English scholar Alcuin of ____Y
P'ang Yun: ___ practitionerZ

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