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Bow and arrow sportA
Manchester United and LA Galaxy starB
Winter sport that uses broomsC
Tennis format played with two pairsD
Nationality of Justin Rose and Fred PerryE
Flying disc trademarked brandF
‘The Great One’G
'Outstanding college football' trophyH
Country associated with HurlingI
Michael or MagicJ
Method of starting a football game*K
Sugar Ray _______L
One of the four major golf championshipsM
Female sport related to basketballN
Greek games held in ancient timesO
He throws the ball from the moundP
NFL teams switch sides after each _______Q
Person in charge of a sports gameR
Game played with cuesS
Ice dancers: _______ and DeanT
First Fifa World Cup winnersU
Minneapolis football teamV
London soccer stadiumW
Super Bowl _______ (February 1, 2004)X
MLB team based in the BronxY
1952 Czechoslovak long-distance legendZ

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