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1984 Oscar winning MiloŇ° Forman movieA
Illegal movie recordingB
First Best Picture musical since Oliver!C
1931 Bela Lugosi roleD
Star Wars, _______ IV: A New HopeE
_______, my dear, I don't give a damn!F
Spencer Tracy's on and off screen partnerH
Henry Jones Senior's sonI
1995 Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst movieJ
The Hunger Games heroineK
Orlando Bloom's elf characterL
Die Hard protagonist (surname)M
Portman or WoodN
Transformers franchise commanderO
Movie which precedes an existing workP
007: _______ of SolaceQ
Citizen Kane's opening wordR
Danny Boyle's _______ MillionaireS
Dumbo's best friendT
At my signal, _______ hellU
Oft-quoted show-biz trade paperV
Gromit's animated ownerW
2001 Stephen Baldwin, Janet Kidder movieX
The ______ Generation: Frank CapraY
Changing from long shot to close-upZ

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