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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of _______A
_______ Rudge (Charles Dickens)B
Pair of successive lines of verseC
Bram Stoker creationD
Third book in the Twilight seriesE
James Bond creatorF
Legal thrillers author: 275+ million books soldG
Thidwick the Big-_______ MooseH
1820 Sir Walter Scott novelI
_______ to the End of the NightJ
Jack _______: On the RoadK
Building containing collections of booksL
Shakespeare playM
Vladimir Vladimirovich _______N
Epic poem attributed to HomerO
His Dark Materials authorP
Don _______: Miguel De CervantesQ
George Raymond _______ MartinR
Where the event or story takes placeS
Middle-earth creatorT
James Joyce modernist novelU
Holy Bible: King James _______V
Central figure in the 'Jeeves' storiesW
The _______ Murders ... by Lyn HamiltonX
The View From The Kremlin authorY
Boris Pasternak's doctorZ

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