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'A', 'An' or 'The'A
Most commonly used 7-letter wordB
Phonetic alphabet 'C' wordC
Regional or social variety of a languageD
Fifth letter of the Greek alphabetE
Phonetic alphabet 'F' wordF
Set of rules explaining how words are usedG
Word spelled alike but different in meaningH
Romance languageI
Daily written record (of personal experiences)J
Indo-European languageK
Anagram of 'Aligned'L
_______-Webster dictionaryM
Spanish for 'orange'N
Portuguese for '80'O
Word such as I, he, she, you, it, we, or theyP
Language of the Inca civilizationQ
Words having corresponding 'last syllable' soundsR
Word having same meaning as another wordS
Administrative language of the Ottoman EmpireT
Phonetic alphabet 'U' wordU
Antonym of DefeatV
Reading, _______ and arithmeticW
Roman for thirty-eightX
Language written in Hebrew charactersY
Alternative name for SyllepsesZ

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