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Belushi's Blues Brothers partnerA
_______ SaddlesB
Why did the _______ cross the road?C
Dry humor with blank expressionless faceD
Season 1 _______ 6: The One with the ButtE
Meet the _______ (Ben Stiller movie)F
Third-born Marx brotherG
Glaring, amusing mistakes (or wolves)H
Opening in frozen waterI
Fools at a medieval courtJ
_______ Up Appearances (UK sitcom)K
Desi Arnaz's comedy partner and wifeL
_______ We Roll Along (musical)M
He's not the Messiah. He's a very _______ boy!N
Zany; quirky (or a bad drummer)O
Monty _______ Flying CircusP
What Sporcle gives youQ
Comedian: Pryor or AyoadeR
Surely you can't be _______S
1982 Dustin Hoffman comedy movieT
Strange, in a funny kind of wayU
Dr. Evil, Wes Mantooth or Jacobim MugatuV
Nelson, Mays and GarsonW
_______ Showdown animated TV seriesX
Bart Simpson, Pikachu or SpongeBob colorsY
Trouser openersZ

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